Bimetra's Mission & Vision


Ghent University Hospital and Ghent University have established a Clinical Research Center as a means to increasing the yields of biomedical research and accelerating the translation of results into practice.
The mission of Bimetra as Clinical Research Center of the UZGent is to reinforce translational biomedical research and establish an effective ‘discovery-to-care continuum’ towards healthcare innovation within Ghent University Hospital in close collaboration with Ghent University.
Bimetra is organised as the central point of contact  for support with specific aspects of the translation of (basic) research into clinical applications from “bench” to “bedside” and from bedside to community, hence leveraging economical and societal valorisation.
Bimetra acts as a center of excellence for regulatory (ethico-legal) aspects of clinical and translational biomedical research, and supports specific aspects of clinical trial conduct.
Bimetra’s M&V is aligned with mission and vision of Ghent University and Ghent University Hospital.


Translational research at Ghent: from bench to bedside to community



Bimetra integrates different aspects of facilitation throughout the translational development pipeline, namely:

  • Bimetra serves as true resource to foster interdisciplinary collaboration between research and clinical investigators inside as well as outside Ghent University and Ghent University Hospital.
  • Bimetra offers knowledge and support of funding opportunities for translational biomedical research
  • Bimetra acts as a liaison to regulatory and funding agencies 
  • Bimetra supports and guides translational research projects and dissemination thereof
  • Bimetra assembles resources into shared core services and facilities and hence leverages intrinsic assets such as access to biological samples and clinical data
  • Bimetra has established a state of the art Biobank and is linked to regional, national and international networks, that offer natural economies of scale
  • Bimetra (co-)developes advanced technologies to analyse biospecimens, capture relevant data and build/manage a knowledge base
  • Bimetra is creating a comprehensive framework for sharing and comparing research results through a robust flexible, scalable and secure translational software system
  • Bimetra supports clinical research across Ghent University and Ghent University Hospital by adding particular ethico/legal, trial conduct and biobanking expertise.
  • Bimetra provides outreach and education on all translational research capabilities and initiatives that are present across U/Z Gent in collaboration with business professionals
  • Bimetra maintains the highest standards of ethics, privacy and confidentiality throughout their activities
  • In this big data era, Bimetra supports Ghent University hospital in becoming a “learning health system”  by making clinical data research grade
  • Bimetra supports the translation towards ALL stakeholders, including researchers, physicians, citizens, patients, governments